Tuesday, June 22, 2021


You come home, see your wife bent over a chair, wearing just a bra, pantyhose, and heels. "H...honey?" you stammer, shocked to see her posed like this.

She says nothing, just points to the card on the bed. You open, it's a "Happy Anniversary" card, but it's not your wife's feminine handwriting inside, instead the harsh printing of a man.

"I understand it's your tenth wedding anniversary today," it reads, "so I'm giving you the gift of your wife tonight. You may do anything you want to her, sexually, anything...."

You look at your wife, shocked, feel your penis immediately swell in your chastity cage, the cage that hasn't been unlocked in six months, since she met him. You look at her mouth, picture it wrapped around your hard penis, look at her pussy, try to remember how good it feels wet and warm.

She sees your face, knows what the card says, waits. "T...turn the card over," she whispers.

"With two conditions," the writing continues. "First, your chastity cage stays on. Second, her pantyhose stay on and may not be ripped, torn, or damaged in any way. Happy Anniversary!"

"H...honey," you stammer.

"Please," she whispers, "please come here and start with your mouth."


Keep a sissy caged long enough (really longer than just a couple of months) and she'll become a perfect pussy licking machine. She'll have abandoned all hope of being unlocked, abandoned any realistic expectation of ever having a male orgasm again, but she'll be so horny, anything sexual will drive her wild, drive her to the edge of sexual frenzy.

Why, just the mere sight of your pantyhose covered body brings her to the edge of the orgasm she'll never have. A simple command like, "kiss my pussy but no hand or tongue," will have her on the verge of tears she'll feel so lucky to have the intimacy with you.

Your wife looks at you, crosses her arms, that smirk on her face. "For someone who insists on being straight, you sure looked eager sucking his cock."

"I...I wasn't," you answer, looking down.

"So didn't you hear me when I said you could stop? Because I wasn't going to make you finish him, but there you were, greedily sucking his cock until he came, and there you were, swallowing every drop."

Monday, June 21, 2021


Your wife is on the bed, wearing just a black bra and panties, looking at you, glaring at you.

"Do you get blowjobs anymore?" she asks.

"N...no, Ma'am, I...I give blowjobs," you say, softly.

"Do you fuck woman anymore?" she asks, looking at you with her big eyes.

"N...no, Ma'am, I...I get fucked...by...by men."

"Does that little thing grow anymore?"

"No, Ma'am," you say, "I...I'm soft and limp, like a girl."

"Do you fantasize about pussy anymore?" she teases.

"No, Ma'am, I...I fantasize about cock," you say, knowing that's what she wants to hear but knowing that's what you do, as well.

"Do you cum?" she asks.

"No, Ma'am, I...I eat cum."

She looks over at the man sitting quietly on the chair, watching the two of you. He nods, satisfied, reaches for his belt and undoes his pants.

"Crawl to him," she says, "crawl to him and show him."

You lean down, on your hand and knees now, feel the garter straps tug at your stockings. You turn, crawl towards him, stop in front of him, reach into his pants and pull our his still soft cock. Even like this, he's bigger than you, thicker than you, longer than you. 

You feel it stir in your hand, lean over, know she's watching. She told you she wants to see him grow in your mouth so you take his still soft cock between your lips, dance your tongue around the tip, feel him start to swell and stiffen.

Whatever you were, whatever you used to be, you are no longer. Now, you're her sissy cock sucker, her sissy faggot, your role to fluff her lover, clean up after.

It isn't really punishment when she orders you to stand this way against the wall while she has tea with her friends, it's more a demonstrate, a proof of concept, to show her friends that life married to a weak, beta doesn't have to be boring.

After several minutes, the questions all come at once:

"How long does he wear that thing?"

"How often does he dress like a girl?"

"How do you have sex?"

"Is he happy?"

Finally, your wife holds up her hand, "ladies, ladies," she laughs, "one at time, please. Let's see, she...I call her she...wears it full time, 24/7. We take it off once a month to wash her thoroughly, but that's it. Oh, and only after submerging it in an ice bath to keep it soft."

"So he...sorry...she...she never gets...you know?" one friend asks.

"An erection? Heavens no," your wife laughs. "She hasn't had one of those for...how long has it been, Sophie?"

You swallow, face red. "Two...two years, Mistress."

"How often does...er...she dress like this?"

Your wife smiles, though you can't see her. "Full time at home, lingerie under her clothes always."

"So...forgive me, Janice, so no sex?"

"Heavens no, Angie," your wife says. "Both I and we have a very active sex life. Sophia here is quite skilled with her tongue...I'm happy to let her demonstrate on any of you who wish..."

Her friends all laugh nervously, but you know at least one or two will take your wife up on her offer. "Don't you miss...you know," one friend asks.

"Cock?" your wife laughs. "No...I mean, I would...but I have a boyfriend for that."

"A boyfriend?" several asked at once. "He...she...she doesn't mind?"

"Mind? Judging by the way she begs to lick me clean when I get home from a date, no...no I don't think she minds."



Remember high school gym, where the jocks teased you in the shower for having the smallest penis?

Remember the first time you were naked with a woman, when she what you had between your legs and suddenly remembered she was late for work?

Remember the first time you had sex with a woman, when she said, "is it in yet, I can't feel it?" and you came inside of ten seconds?

Remember rushing that frat in college and they lined all the pledges up naked and you got an erection? Only you were smaller, hard, than anyone else was soft.

But remember the first time you were feminized with a man and you tried to hide it from him and he smiled, moved your hand away, and said, "don't be ashamed, little girl, you're a sissy, it's supposed to be small and soft."

Thursday, June 17, 2021


Honey, don't think of it as a year in chastity, obsessing over what you're missing for the year.

Instead, think of it as a year of freedom. 

Freedom from worrying about things men worry about.

Freedom to explore your sexuality.

Freedom from trying to be the man of the house.

Freedom from the pressures of life.


The longer a sissy's kept in chastity with prolonged orgasm denial, the more at risk she is for leaking; it's almost unavoidable.

Of course, a sissy should drip on herself, even if she can't help it; it's unacceptable.

In this situation, a mistress should consider stimulating her prostate to induce a non-orgasmic discharge.

Some women may be tempted to free her and let her take care of herself. But at this level of feminization, all discharges should be hands free and her clit should be flaccid and locked permanently.

Two years ago, you slept in the master bedroom with your wife, a large, airy room, with big windows overlooking a river. The was tastefully decorated, a large bed, a sitting area...

Then she met Michael. At first, nothing changed, when she dated him, you'd wait in the master bedroom for her to come home, but you were still the "man of the house" as it were.

But the first time he visited, he spent the night, and you were sent to the guestroom. Also large, and well decorated.

Within a few months, though, Michael had your wife set up a room in the attic, the old's maid's room. This room was small, sparely decorated, spartan, utilitarian. 

That's your room now. A tiny closet which holds your maid's uniforms. A small dresser with your lingerie. The rest of your possessions packed away, unneeded. 

No more iPhone, no more television, no more expensive toys, no more male clothing.

Everything a sissy maid is here. Everything.


It's a common misunderstanding, she doesn't make you wear a chastity cage out of cruelty, quite the opposite, she makes you wear the cage because she loves you.

She knows leaving a sissy uncaged leads to misery, for an uncaged sissy has hope she may get to use her sissy clitty as a sex organ, and hope inevitably leads to disappointment, the guilt a sissy has when, once again, she can't please a woman as a male.

So she caged you because she loves you, because she wants to spare you from the hope, the disappointment, and the guilt. She wants to leave you in a state of permanent arousal, knowing that's a healthy cycle, arousal leads to increased feelings of feminization, happiness accepting of your role. 

So don't pity the caged sissy, instead rejoice for her as the weeks turn into months, the months into years.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

"Oh god, you're nervous, aren't you," your wife asks, seeming to realize for the first time that you've been a bundle of nerves for the last two hours.

"Yes, I'm nervous, I...I mean...this isn't something...something a husband is supposed to do," you say.

"Honey, we talked about this. Every cuckold gets nervous the first time he's going to take another man's cock in his mouth, it's perfectly natural. After a few minutes, you'll enjoy it, trust me."

"But I...I'm not...

"Gay? Are we doing this again? I already told you how you don’t need to worry about your sexuality."


"Sweetie, being a good cuckold isn't about whether your gay or bisexual, that's not important to me or to him. Being a good cuckold is about making me happy...which you can do by getting on your knees and wrapping your lips wrapped around my lover's cock."


"Just do it like we practiced. And for god's sake, remember to look him in the eyes."


"You need to show him, with your eyes, how much you love having his cock in your mouth, how much you love getting him hard and excited so he can fuck me. You need to show him that sucking his cock is the most important thing in your life at that moment."

"What...what if he...you know..."

She laughed. "Cums? Well you better not make him cum cause I want to fuck him. But if he does, well, you swallow as fast as you fucking can, love, you swallow as fast as you can. Listen, just be the best cocksucker you can, okay, just be the best cocksucker you can."


"Was...was that the garage door?" you ask your wife, pulling at the bonds holding you to the table, "someone...someone's here."

"Anthony," she says softly, her lover's name.

"An...Anthony?" you stammer.

"Anthony," she confirms, rubbing the dildo along your neck. "I told him."

"T...told him what?" you ask, swallowing.

"I told him you learned to cum like a girl," she said, moving the dildo to your lips. "Learned to cum like a girl, giving this a long, sloppy blowjob to my dildo before taking it in your pussy ass and cumming over and over. I want to show him."

"You're not," you said.

"I most certainly am," she whispered.

"You...you're going to use that on me with him watching?" you asked, processing.

"Watch? Heaven's no, love, he's not going to watch, he's going to participate."

"Par...participate? Like...use that on me?" you moaned.

"No, love, not this, he's not using a dildo, he's going to use that long, thick, hard cock of his."

"But...but I..."

"I told you months ago, once you learned how to cum like a girl, you were never cumming like a boy again. Never, ever, again."

Sunday, June 13, 2021


Your wife noticed every time she suggests watching porn, you pick something that prominently 
features lingerie clad women on their knees, sucking cock. 

Since that isn't something she does to you, she begins to wonder, do your porn selections indicate some deeper insight?

So she does a little experiment next time the two of you are watching porn in bed, teasing you with her hand until you're hard, ready to burst.

When the scene goes to a woman on her knees, she whispers in your ear, "My god, that's hot, isn't it?"

"Yes," you moan, watching, enjoying her hand, so close to the edge.

"She's on her knees, so pretty for her man, slowly taking his cock in her mouth."

"Oh, god," you moan, shocked at your wife's dirty talk, not caring.

"Long, thick, hard cock slipping between her lips."

"Yes," you whisper, "yes."

"You're fantasizing about it, aren't you?"

"Yes, yes," you say.

"Wondering what it would feel like the first time..."

"Yes," you moan, willing her to go down on you.

"Nervous, scared, eager..."

"Please," you beg.

"That's what you want, isn't it?"

"Yes," you gasp, "yes," thinking other things as well.

"Tasting cock for the first time," she says.

"Yes," you agree, lost in fantasy, barely realizing what you're saying.

"Feeling his cock in your mouth, hard, pulsating."

"Yes...oh god, yes..." She's rubbing you, bringing you closer, you're lost, drifting.

"Sucking him, knowing I'm watching, realizing my husband is a little gay."

Part of your brain realizes what she just said, part doesn't care...

"Sucking him, giving your first blowjob, the first of many..."

You explode, you can't help it, explode all over as she smiles and smiles. 

Friday, June 11, 2021

Helping you, guiding you, your wife is ready to do it with you, to help you experience sucking your first cock. So she's surprised, even shocked how eager you are, how you take him into your mouth all by yourself, greedily sucking him. 

Part of her is instantly jealous you've taken her bull's cock for yourself, not sharing with her.

But part of her is so proud, pleased with how naturally it comes to you.


Monday, June 7, 2021

The card from your wife to her lover said simply, "Happy Birthday, in the bedroom, M."

He was confused, but a patient man, so took his time, poured a whiskey, walked to the master bedroom, expecting your wife waiting for him. "Well," he laughed, when he opened the door and found not the woman he'd been dating for a year, but you instead. "Well, indeed, she did know exactly what I wanted," he laughed.

"Mmmmgggffff," you mumbled through the penis gag she'd buckled in your mouth.

"Oh don't you worry, sissy," he laughed, feeling his cock harden, "I'll be kind of gentle."


Not me, could be me



Just because you're feminized and locked in chastity doesn't mean 
your wife and her bull don't have uses for you, sissy.

Friday, June 4, 2021


"It's been too long since I felt a man inside me," Emily said the other day. "Too, too long." She looked at me, waited for my reaction. 

"Yes," I said, unable to disagree.

"You understand, don't you?" she asked me. "I mean, it's been some time, maybe...maybe it isn't something you want anymore. I just miss it."

"I...I miss it, too," I said, "I miss it too."

"I want to do something about it," Emily said.

"W...what?" I asked, old memories stirring inside me, memories of her with previous lovers, especially Brian, who she met pre-COVID, but who moved on, literally.

"Come here and kiss me and I'll tell you," she said, and as I kissed her, I imagined her with someone else, imagined her with a man, not me, the need fulfilled.

Thursday, June 3, 2021


Many sissies wear pink cages, an appropriate nod to their feminine nature.

But sometimes clear cages are crueler.

They let the sissy actually see their permanently flaccid penis. They let the sissy see what used to be, let the sissy see what was once a sex organ, but now is nothing.

It's so close, so there when the cage is clear, almost like sissy could reach down and touch it, stroke it, let it grow like it used to.

Wednesday, June 2, 2021


"Honey, don't misunderstand, I'm not mad, it's just...this is the third time you've gone, well, gone soft when you try to put it in me. At some point, a wife starts to get worried."

"I...I don't know why," I said, looking down.

"Am...am I not pretty enough?"

"No, you're beautiful," I said.

"Should I dress less...feminine?"

"Less feminine?"

"I could...I could get on my hands and knees and you could pretend...pretend I'm not a girl."

"Not a girl?" I said, shocked. "What's that mean?"

"I...I found that folder on your computer...the bookmarks..."

"What...what bookmarks?"

"You know, the ones where husbands...where husbands like...men."


"Where husband dress up like women and...and sleep with men."

"That's just...that's just fantasy," I stammered.

"Honey, it's okay...I don't mind if you're a little gay, I think it's kind of cute."

"You...you do?"

"A little," she said, blushing. "I mean, just picturing your soft mouth wrapped around a cock...wow..."

"Tell me, dear," your wife says, playing with the string of precum leaking from your permanently locked penis, "if sucking his cock really doesn't turn you on, why does this happen every time you think about it?"

"I...I don't know," you moan, watching her lover undress, seeing his cock, eight inches long, thick and hard, bouncing up and down as he eyes you, waiting for you to suck him.

"See, I do," she smiles. "It's because every time you tell me you don't like sucking cock, you're lying to me and to yourself."

"N...no," you whisper, "it...it's because it's been so long since you unlocked me."

"Proving my point, sissy, the longer you're in chastity, the more what you really like is exposed."


"Sissy tears" are something to be proud of, it means your body knows and accepts your sissy clit will never be unlocked, will never be inside a woman again. It means you accept your sexual pleasure no longer involves what men do, but instead involves what women do.

So accept that you leak, sissy, accept that though it's been a year since your last "real" orgasm, you're never having one again.


What was always embarrassing when you were dating pretty women 
is desirable when you date strong, masculine men. 

Stay soft, sissy, stay soft, limp, and feminine when you date men.


The 'jock' fraternity has no likes for sissy 'boys' like you in their pledge class, but that doesn't mean they don't have use for you.