Wednesday, February 18, 2009


What's the difference between a man and a sissy, you ask? Well, how about an example. Men, what would you think seeing a woman dressed as such? Would comes to mind seeing this picture? What would you want to do, walking into your bedroom, seeing a woman like this?
Oh, don't be coy, go ahead, say it outl loud. Fuck her. FUCK HER! That is your only thought. Oh my, how you want to fuck her!
Now, what about a sissy, you ask? What does a sissy think? So easy, so different. Sissy thinks, "Oh my goodness, where is that lingerei from?" Sissy wants something, but it isn't to fuck. Sissy wants that adorable lingerie on her body! Sissy is jealous, or perhaps, sissy thinks about the pretty lingerie she has just like that. Sissy thinks, wait, wait one minute, wait, let me go get dressed, too.
A man wants to fuck this woman. A sissy wants to borrow her lingerie.


  1. Jealous absolutely. I want to borrow her lingerie, but I'd want to fuck her too. But what I want is to BE her. Trade places with her. Feel what SHE feels. Be pretty. Be desired.

    It's all so complex!

    You're off to a good start. Keep it up but you can't be in it for comments. Most people just won't. And you're not helping making posters leave a name.

  2. Strange enough, but seeing a woman dressed as such I wouldn’t want to fuck her - even as a dominant male as I am.
    I would rather need to feel the smoothness of her sheer stockings, gently caressing her thighs and knees, slowly moving my action upwards, only to find the stocking's top and being able to slide my hand in between her soft skin and the tiny silk layer that covers it.
    Then I would continue caressing the inner side of her thighs for an eternity, almost leaving an air gap between my fingertips and her skin, seeking the proper timing to slide my finger inside of her, to probe whether she's ready or not... and eventually ... FUCK HER ;-)