Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lingerie Review

Today I'm wearing this allure garter belt from Secrets in Lace, with a these Clio stockings from Stockings HQ.

First, the garter belt. It is very pretty and does a fairly good job of holding up my stockings.

The good...full coverage, six straps, metal garters, incredibly sexy, very feminine.

The bad...the rear garters have a tendency to migrate from the rear of the leg towards the front and it needs more adjustment throughout the day than it should.

Now, the stockings. 100% non-stretch nylon (of course...girls, your stockings should NEVER be anything but). RHT (reinforced heel and toe). Obviously a garter belt is required. For everyday stockings, at the price (about $4 to $5 per pair), they can't be beat. I usually go for Cervin stockings, but tried these because they were on sale. Wonderful, ladies, just wonderful.

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