Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hot for Teacher

Did you have teachers you had crushes on? I did, one in particular. I presume this teacher has many students that are "hot for teacher":

Teacher faces disciplinary action after parent uncovers racy lingerie photos online | Mail Online:

A teacher is facing disciplinary action after outraged parents spotted photographs of her posing in her underwear on the Internet.

Aspiring model Natasha Gray, 30, was reprimanded after a stunned parent wrote an anonymous letter complaining about the 'provocative pictures'.

Miss Gray, who is the Head of PE and Dance at Manor Community College in Cambridge, is pictured wearing pink lingerie and stilettos on website iModel.com.

A caption on her 'Tasha' homepage, which promotes her modelling work, states she is 'willing to travel with expenses paid'.

1 comment:

  1. I DID HAVE ONE !!!
    I was only eight years old, attending the third grade, in early seventies...
    I was attracted by her beautiful shapely legs, which she used to show by wearing just-above-the-knee skirts and enhance with patterned pantyhose and boots.
    Sometimes - only sometimes :( - she put garters and nude stockings, which she needed to adjust from time to time. Those days I was the happiest boy on the Earth !!!
    It’s a pity that at that time I hadn't discovered masturbation, yet...