Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I wore a three button, vested suit to work today. I have several vested suits and always get compliments when I wear them for how handsome I look.

Naturally, my friends, associates, and colleagues at the office who complimented me this morning have no idea that under my suit I'm wearing this pretty new open bottom girdle from Secrets in Lace along with 100% nylon stockings.

All day, every step I take, every motion, I feel the slight tug of the girdle on my stockings, a small, subtle reminder that no matter how masculine I may look at first glance, underneath, I'm also quite feminine.


  1. Beautiful post.

    And I bet that pink girdle is so flattering on you.

  2. There really isn't more of aturn on for me than wearing pretty little panties and pantyhose beneath my man clothes. It's so wonderful to come home, take off the shirt and pants, and slip into some silky lingerie and stilettos.