Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I doubt I'll ever post a picture of Emily, she is a tad more private than I am, and I've not even posted any of me. However, for the curious, she looks about like this. Tall (5'10"), skinny, leggy, dirty blond. That's pretty much her hair type, too.

Her best features? Her legs, by far, followed closely by her wonderful rear. She's not the most busty of women, but, as I heard someone say, breasts are for babies, legs are for men (or sissies, as the case may be.)

So, if you're into that type, she's that type she is. I am luckily into many different types, so it isn't just her body I lust for (and oh how I lust for it), but it is her wonderful mind, too.


  1. I am sure she is lovely, exqusitely beautiful, smart, provocative in nature, exciting with a twist of fun and complexity....... also challenging and bold...... and let's face it.... YOU are SO LUCKY to have her in your life!!!!!!

  2. I think you have posted you. For someone who writes so honestly...then to not post a visual representation other than the small beautiful photo...who is supposed to be you, is odd. Why hide. It's a free world. Come out and play...