Friday, September 18, 2009


This is going to be a long night...I don't know if I'll keep updating...or if I can make myself. I may just have to put the computer away, stop surfing, and watch a movie or something.

Em's text:

"Putting on that white and pink garter belt u like...should have had u help dress me :)"

That would be this garter belt from secrets in lace. We both have it in a couple of colors.

I'm picturing her in it...she's fucking beautiful!

I responded. "I'm sure you're quite stunning."

"Wish I had a pretty lady's maid helping me get ready for my date."

"What time is Evan getting there?"

"He said at seven; can't wait."

I was sure Evan could not wait either. Part of me knows...just knows she would NEVER do anything without talking to me. Part of me knows she is taunting me, teasing me, knowing that's just what I want.


Part of me knows she slept with him in the past, before me, that's he's tasted her before, touched her before, been inside her before, and I know, KNOW like any guy, would love to fuck her again.

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