Friday, September 18, 2009

Weekend 2

Where did Em go on the way home from the office? That question was answered when she walked in the door at about 8:30, a Victoria's Secret bag in her hands.

"Something for me," I asked her, already feeling a twitch.

"Sara needs more lingerie," she laughed. "I know, neither of us can ever have too much. But no, to answer your question, I got some things for me. I can't very well be walking around naked in front of Evan, can I?"

"No," I answered, twitching again, feeling a murmur of excitement run through me.

"Want to see what I got," she asked, eyes twinkling.

"I...I suppose," I said, not entirely sure if that was true, but also knowing there was no way I was not going to let her show me.

She sat down in a chair opposite me, opened the bag, took out a small bundle wrapped in tissue paper, unwrapped it, held out this set:

"Oh," I gasped in surprise.

"What, don't you like it?"

"No, no, I's cute." It was, and in reality, nothing more than shorts and a tank, an outfit Em practically lived in during the summer, in or out of the house. Honestly, I thought she'd buy something sexier, something more...taunting. I looked at the bag, too big for just one outfit. "Did you get it in other colors, too?"

"Hmmm? Oh, no, I...I just picked up a couple of other things, too."

"Oh, I thought you were just buying things for the weekend."

"No, I did, I thought about looking for something to wear for you, too, but I ran out of time, so I just got stuff for the weekend. I'll get something for you, well, something for both of us, probably, next week."

She wrapped the set back up in tissue paper, put it in the bag, stood up. "Did you pick up sushi for dinner?"

"Yes," I answered, a pout on my face.

"What," she asked.

"Can't I see what else you bought," I asked, the stirring continuing in my panties.

"I just picked up a couple of things to lay around in in the morning or evening this weekend that were on sale" she said, taking another step towards the bedroom, bag in hand as if she had no intention of showing them to me.

"More pajama sets?"

"Huh? Oh, no, the tank and shorts were full price, in fact, none of the pajama sets were on sale, so I only got the one."

"Oh, what'd you get then?"

She looked down at the ground, almost ashamed. "Well, babydolls were on sale, so, well, I picked up a couple."

To lay around in on Saturday and Sunday morning or evening.

When I was at my place.

When Evan was here.

"I can show you if you want," she said, quietly, almost helpfully, encouraging.

She walked over to me, sat down next to me, took the first wrapped package that she'd already shown me out of the bag, then removed two more tissue paper wrapped bundles.

"Well, first, this one was on sale for twenty something, and I loved the lace bodice, so..."

I gulped. Holy shit.

"And, well, I really like this one," she said, opening the other package, holding this up:

My eyes, already wide from the first, widened even more at the site of the sheer white babydoll.

"That's to lay around in when Evan's here," I asked, both jealousy and excitement flowing through me at the same time.

"Yea, why," she asked innocently. "Don't you like it?"

"'s kind of, um, revealing, isn't it?" Kind of? Like totally inappropriate!

"Honey," she smiled with her, 'I always get what I want' smile, "it's just going to be Evan and me, it's not like I'm going to wear this hosting a party."

My tongue was between my lips, where I had had it clamped, trying to use the sharp pain to forget the swelling I was experiencing in my panties.

"That's what excites you, right, Sara? The mental picture of me wearing something so pretty around a man when he's here this weekend? That's the fantasy, isn't it, Sara?"

"Yes," I managed to mumble, sure my face was red enough that she must see it.

"Isn't that what you'll go to sleep dreaming about? Me, sitting here on the couch next to Evan, wearing this, talking. Wondering if he's going to reach over and touch my skin through the sheer fabric?"

"Emily," I gasped, starting to pant.

"I'm going to wear this tomorrow night, lover, that's what you want, isn't it?"

Yes. Yes! YES!

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