Friday, September 18, 2009


Text from Emily:

"I think Evan likes the white babydoll!"

Me: "You showed it to him or put it on?"

Em: "Put it on, silly."

Me: "Emily!"

Em: "You know you like that! We R just sitting here talking, so I'll call u later."

Me: "K...behave?"

Em: "Ha! Another glass of wine or two I may let him kiss me!"


  1. A white garter with beige hose. There are no words for the seductive power of that combination. Add that to your white picture. In your profile, that photo, with the hand drawn slightly protective, is that you? Stunning. Every picture tells a story. The URL I've signed in with is me two years ago. I had finished some new music, shaved me head, then used the same side of my face on both sides. Odd I know, but goes with my sounds...

  2. So, Sara........ what are you at home wearing during all of this?