Friday, February 26, 2010


I am totally and utterly fascinated by the comments to Mother-in-Law on Fictionmania.

I do not want to focus only on the positive, that's too much self-flattery. So, I'll highlight some of both.

Negative first:
I haven't read your story yet - maybe I'll get around to it one of these years...why does any story have to be this loooong on Fictionmania?????? That alone turns me off. I find that when a story is tooo looong, it is full of filler....and unnecessary stuff!
You write it as though it is like getting addicted to a new drug. As I'm reading this I seem to feel like I know what will happen next. Mother in law catches him, uses verbal BS and sex to get him to submit and ultimatly dress his to show her daughter/his wife what kind of a man he is. To this point I think it is out-right cruel and can't read beyond this. I'm sure the story has some kind of happy ending but I can't think of it being very happy for all the characters.
A real blockbuster this time with no breaks.
And, so it seems, a final step into Vickie Tern territory, where soulless and conniving women plot to achieve their perceived nirvana with the justification that this is what he wants/needs anyway.
Not one of the 3 protagonists has a redeeming quality, thus ensuring that any identification with one or another is marginal or hollow.
You write well and have a devoted following for your early stories; yet this is more of the same just offered up in one almost indigestible lump.

You flatter but to deceive.

Now, positive:


This story is simply one of the best from the best. If only there were more of Sara and the wait were not so well worth it in any event. Thanks so very, very much!


Wonder story from a great writer. Always love to see new additions from her. This story is no exception. It moves along nicely and keeps the reader interested from start to finish.


Nothing short of a masterpiece. Wonderfully crafted, beautifully written, each scene had me totally captivated. The best story of this genre by far

Interestingly, I agree with Geraldine, to some extent. Let me explain.

First, I write for an audience of one. Just one. Me. So, if readers like or dislike, that's okay with me. If Cynthia loves the story, that makes me happy. If Geraldine hates it, that's okay, too. Basically, I write as a creative outlet for fantasy that I don't know that I'd otherwise want in real life. Some of the things in my writing, I have, others are a safe way to explore what probably would be unhealthy in a relationship. So, while I love hearing from my readers and really do like to know that so many people like the stuff I write, ultimately, the writing is aimed at an audience of just one.

Thus, the second point, it is fantasy. Moreover, my stories are barely at, or even below, the level of pulp fiction. Geraldine is right that none of the characters in this story have any redeeming qualities. They were not written to have redeeming qualities. They were written as a vehicle for sexual fantasy. Let's face it, a high percentage of readers of this genre are wearing silk, satin, and lace, and, um, to be impolite, are masturbating the fuck out of themselves!

If anything, look at Sarah's comment. There is too much fluff!

Some readers think there is not enough character development, some think there is too much.

I actually LOVED Sarah's comment. It made me giggle. Sarah, here is a story for you, no fluff:
She ordered me to dress in her lingerie. She bent me over the table. She fucked me in my pussy ass until we both came all over the bed. She leaned back, laughed, as I licked up every drop of the mixture of our cum.

I don't mean to make fun of Sarah, but I know what she means. Sometimes you just want a good fucking, the hell with the foreplay (read character development.)

At the end of the day, I do not make a penny from these stories. I write them for fun, because I'm bored, to work off creative steam, to just drive my brain wild with lust.

I really do like hearing from readers, though.

I'll say this, Room and Board is my favorite. Mother-in-Law is my least favorite. I started it, got bored, realized it was lacking in this and that, but decided just to bang it out, what the hell, let a sissy or fifty read it and have their fancies tickled.

But, it is just porn. I never set out to write the next great American novel. I'm just writing pulp fiction.

And "just" does not quite give enough credit to my work, or any other author that writes this stuff. Sure, it is drivel. IT IS PORN, we know that. Pulp fiction at best.

But that's cool, girls. Sometimes we need pulp fiction. Sometimes we need James Joyce. Sometimes we need Bordeaux, sometimes we need wine from a box.

A rambling way to say, whatever my point was when I started, that I know what I'm writing.

Pulp fiction, my friends. Nothing more. Nothing less.

I really do appreciate all comments, good and bad. I really do appreciate what Geraldine is saying. Hell, she's right!

Joyce wasn't my target though.

And Mother-in-Law does not hold a candle to A Change in Our Marriage.

Which is what I'm working on next. Adding images to that, fixing a thing or two, not much. Just adding something, images, that may make a re-read of that something fun to do.

So, thanks to all of you.



  1. Well stated. I agree that "Room and Board" is your best work to date. Any idea when we will see more of that one?

  2. Saragirl:
    Come on.......... there is no greater moment in all of Fictionmania writings then the moment in Change in our Marriage (part 4) where you describe our sissy having to witness his lovely wife having sex with a "real man" in a crowded club....... while he has to sit in the same booth .............

  3. You know Sarah, I was tempted to say when you first put up 'Mother-in-law' and after speed reading it, that you would be well advised to send it out in 8 segments.

    I should have spoken up and apologize for my timidity.

  4. Well, I loved it. It was a nearly perfect example of a good porn story. And hit a great many of my buttons. I have paid for writing that wasn't nearly as good. If it would motivate you to write more start putting your stuff on Lulu.

    I am dying for a conclusion to room and board though.........

  5. Well I like it. It does seem formulaic, but it's pretty strongly written. It's like a romance novel for sissies.

    The biggest problem I have with these kinds of stories is that they make it impossible to suspend disbelief. My issues with suspension of disbelief is that I'm questioning the motivation of the dominants. When the dominant personality has a strong motivation, suspension of disbelief is easier. In the end, it's up to the reader. Relative to most crap on the net, this one did an ok job of suspending my disbelief, as far as I got anyways.

    The criticism about length is retarded. When I'm reading a great story, I don't want it to end. I'm disappointed when there is no compelling ending. Too many works of fiction end abruptly with nothing for the reader.

    I didn't begin to finish this one, but on a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give it an 8 as far as I got, and I'm pretty discerning.

    I think you're doing a great job. How about this for a story idea: an online Sissy Master makes a sissy go on casual fun dates with vanilla (but perhaps liberally minded) girls dressed effeminately and revealing to each her fetishes and giving them a written request and offering monetary compensation to blackmail and coerce them into living life as much like a girl as possible (perhaps a form letter written by the sissy master that outlines the expectation of clothing, deportment, grooming, home decor, and dates with boys?) :) I'd read that.

  6. Your stories are erotic and seem to strike a cord. On FictionMania, your stories are some of the best. I like the looooong stories. Thanks for the work!

  7. I really appreciate and respect your awareness of what you are writing and why you are writing it. That level of self-reflection is often rare.
    On a less serious note, I really enjoyed the story and look forward to more. I'm also hoping for more captioned pics. Yours are some of the best.

  8. Sara, you are a very bad girl. Do you realize how many pairs of pretty panties I had to wash because of you. And I don't mean that I was misbehaving either. It was just constant leaking because your damn stories never give me a break. God bless you!

  9. I liked this story, and also agree that Room & Board was your most outstanding (and interesting) work. Just think though Sara - for all the people that comment, there are probably another thousand who read. That's a lot of sissies who absolutely LOVE your work (and blog). And the fact that you're polarizing opinion...well all the best art (porn or not, pulp or masterpiece) does. I LOVE the fact that you're writing for YOU...great work and well done! I hope you find the time to write more soon. Caity.

  10. No, sugar. Don't thank us. We thank *you*.

    I hope to read many more of your delicious stories. Because, as for you, these fantasies are the hottest of little dreams, inspiring all sorts of unfeminine stirrings.


  11. Yes Sara...... we all owe you a thank you so large that none of us could comprehend the intensity...........
    We love you for your style, for your creativity, and for your love for Emily.

  12. I disagree with Geraldine:

    "...a final step into Vickie Tern territory, where soulless and conniving women plot to achieve their perceived nirvana with the justification that this is what he wants/needs anyway.
    Not one of the 3 protagonists has a redeeming quality"

    No. My own women like Sara's vary in their motives, though all do attend to their own needs and most are not perfectly scrupulous when seducing men to their own purposes. Most believe they are loving and well-intentioned, and if they think their men can live richly satisfying lives as submissive women, they aren't wrong. Though originally deceived into acquiescence, their men do eventually agree.

    I myself suspect that evolution has itself bred many men to feel that way, gratified by serving women's needs, that it's no way shameful. That's what a "gentleman" is and does. Sara's stories are unmatched in the ways they depict this desire awakened and fulfilled in its extremes. Susan does indeed love Michael utterly and sincerely for what he is willing to do for her, and Michael is indeed transfigured by that love.



  13. I wonder at people on fm who complain that stories, clearly labelled 'femdom' turn out to have men being manipulated into panties by machiavellian women.
    This is a wonderful story about two people in a loving relationship. You're right though - 'change' is your best.
    People said stories of mine are 'too Vickie tern' too. Which I take as a huge compliment. She is the godmother of this genre.
    Hi Vickie!

    Alamo preacher.

  14. Not my fantasy, this one. I waited for it and read it all, simply because “A change...” was.
    It was right up my alley.
    Loved it.
    This is good stuff none the less.
    Not what I have always wanted but I can tell you are in there.
    The passions spill.
    You’re right, it is not the next great American novel...however it is well structured, written and presented.
    And so, credit to you.
    Well done...
    Your blog and your stories have become part of my sexual experience and I am grateful to you for your time and dedication.
    Please, keep writing.
    I enjoy these texts more than I would wish.
    Do, persevere.
    Kind regards.

  15. This was a great story that kept me on the edge of my seat! Well written. Plus, the comments are all great including Sara's. Keep up the good work and thanks.

  16. Alamo says:

    People said stories of mine are 'too Vickie tern' too. Which I take as a huge compliment. She is the godmother of this genre.
    Hi Vickie!

    Alamo preacher.

    Hi back, Alamo!

    Matter of fact, and it is a fact, I've been much encouraged by Alamo's stories in the writing of my own. "An Unfaithful Wife" was a deliberate attempt to write an Alamo type story, and would have been dedicated to Alamo if at the time I could have reached that Master for permission. It came out a Vickie Tern story anyhow, just as SaraGirl's turn out to be SaraGirl stories, for which fact (also a fact) we can all exult.


  17. One of the great frustrations I have with story comments at FM is with those who feel compelled to comment on stories that are clearly not their cup of tea. Criticism of a genre itself are not helpful or particularly valid story criticisms.

    Anyway, Sara, I find your stories a delightful example of femdom erotica, and certainly one of the very best when it comes to the cuckolding theme. I think my favorite of yours remains "A Change in our Marriage," but that may be largely because it's the first one of yours I read and the strong impression it made lingers on. ;-)

  18. Well, i adore Vickie's and Alamo preacher's stories since they are so absolutely true in describing the real relation between Women and the male gender. It is Their natural strength that makes Them Superior to any Men and any sissy. And often it is Their opinion only that decides whether we are meant to be the one or the other.

    And from my point of view Sara Girl's stories definitely merit to be honored as chapters of the same book of truth!