Sunday, May 30, 2010

All I can think about


  1. Dear Sara,
    Not that you need suggestions from outside sources, but I have one. Today you will undoubtedly suffer as you think of Em and Evan. Tomorrow, when she gets home, don't question her. Simply get on your knees and service her. You won't know whether you'll find him there or not. But she'll know you would have done it regardless. And who knows,maybe you'll find, you know. Just something for you to think about today.

    Lee Anne Montgomery

  2. Wonderfully put, Lee Anne. No one could have said it with more class, and with more devoted love.

    Sara, considering your plight this weekend........ and your new physical limitations....obviously there are many of your readers definitely "PULLING" for you, literally AND figuratively.

    I just hope that your bond with Emily remains strong after this weekend, but it most likely will be different....... in the way she treats you. There is obviously no going back after such a momentous moment in which you gave your blessing for, thus admitting and giving Emily notice of your total emasculation.

  3. have you spoken on the phone since friday night ?