Thursday, May 27, 2010


Well, we have a fit, see how it goes this evening, tonight, before final lock down in the morning.

The cage is the CB6000s, which has a smaller cage portion than the regular CB, which is fine, I don't need that much space.

The device came with four rings sizes and four spacer sizes. It seems getting the right combination is critical. Right now I'm in the second spacer (the second smallest.) Tight, but not constricting tight, doesn't feel like it will chafe.

Started with the smallest spacer, went up a size, again, tight, but not too tight.

Okay, we wanted to test, um, swollen.

Here goes...


Email: So, sweetie, how's it feel to be the one locked up when I'm going to be spending the weekend with Evan?

Um, yea, instant swelling.

Wow, again, tight, but, strange, very restrictive, but not painful. Nothing pinching. Oh, and totally fucking bizarre that I can't touch myself!!!!!!!!

Fuck, what am I getting myself into?

Even if she does NOTHING this weekend, I'm going to be THINKING about it all weekend and totally fucking frustrated.

Calm down, Sara, calm down.


  1. And you love every second of it. I'm excited for you.

  2. Also, take a look at this:

  3. Dear Sara,

    I told you. You will hate it. You will love it.

    Lee Anne Montgomery

  4. oh my...did you get it online Sara?
    my Daddy may be interested in me acquiring one...