Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's Here

Emily emailed me, her UPS shipment arrived. A few things surprised me.

1. She had it delivered to her office. I just assumed it was going to her house. Thankful for discrete packaging.

2. It isn't pink.

3. It's clear.

4. It isn't the CB-2000

5. It's the CB-6000

I'm disappointed it isn't pink, but grateful it's not the 2000. I can be weird, of course, so I spend the last few days reading a ton about this. Frankly, the 2000 scared me for a few reasons. First, it seemed easier to slip out of. Second, it seemed less comfortable.

The goal is chastity, not discomfort. Teasing, not punishment.

Em is going to test it this evening. We'll size it when we both get to her place, put it on (gulp) and then she's going to pack (she's leaving tomorrow).

I can't wait. I am totally nervous.

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