Thursday, May 27, 2010


Emily packs by outfit.

Okay, you remember what she bought, right? Well the dress got packed first, in a garment bag, of course.

With that, she has a black bra (we made sure it did not show on the back of the dress), black panties, and strappy heels. She also set out a garter belt and both black and nude stockings, under the theory that she was not sure if she was wearing stockings, and if so, what color (it is before memorial day, not after, that she's going out, black still okay, for evening.)

She packed slacks and a top for Friday evening, not sure what she and Evan were doing. She thinks he's cooking her dinner, rather than go out.

"What do you think for lounging around in, Sara," she asked me. "This work?"

In her Friday pile, she packed the chemise as well as a pair of yoga pants and a tee shirt. So, naturally I'll fantasize about her in the chemise, while she just might be wearing something much more modest.

Golf outfit for Saturday. The above dress, of course.

And this, she held up, asking if I thought it was cute:

A product thumbnail of Georgette Babydoll

Um, yea.

Swell, swell, swell.

Okay, time for dinner...


  1. If she wears the dress the two of you picked out - when she wears the dress you helped her pick out, Evan is going to fuck her. He will. Might as well accept the fact that you made it happen by picking that dress.

    Lee Anne Montgomery

  2. that last blue outfit will have him making moves for sure xxx Jim