Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wonderful moment…

That's what NYLONFOXIE called this. I agree. Watching a woman pull on a stocking. Knowing the EXACT fucking feeling, having done it a zillion times myself.


  1. The only thing sexier than watching a woman pull on stockings is to pull stockings on to my own legs. And I agree - after wearing pantyhose or stockings almost everyday, the most "wonderful moment" of the day is still feeling my legs get wrapped in silky sheer nylon!

  2. Agree with both about watching, but never tested wearing... (Should I?)
    When I see my wife wearing them, I like to imagine her getting aroused by the idea that her most intimate part will soon be penetrated.
    And I hope that sooner or later someone else other than me will do it and make her orgasm, while I'm watching... But that seems long time to happen :(