Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Issue of Petticoat Monthly

This is a collaboration...my dear, dear friend (and original inspiration to start writing) Alamo Preacher contributed two articles to this addition (her site is dark...damn...don't know why.)

Thanks, Alamo!!!!!!!!

Okay, here's the link to the full issue. I'm sorry, you need google/gmail access (it's free, just sign up for gmail and you're good to go.) I don't know how to host a pdf except for google, but there is yummy goodness for all of you who get it :)

UPDATE: Looks like you don't need google/gmail access. Silly me.


  1. Fantastic issue! Congrats to you and Alamo on your good work.

  2. as far as i know u dont need a gmail account to read a pdf hosted by them just go there and read :-)

  3. great work! thanks alot

  4. truly amazing can't praise it enough

  5. Spectacular - and lovely to see Alamo Preacher back... the two of you are fab!

    Thank you!