Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Restroom Surprise

Here's something I have not done before. Tell me what you think, honestly :)


  1. HI, I have been lurking here for a while, but never commented. But this one makes me want to.
    First, you are simply brilliant. Perverted and weird, yes (just like most of us), but brilliant for sure. Keep it up.

    Second,most if not all your posts are very aesthetically pleasing and tantalizing.

    Third, your writing skills are excellent. While I dont have a kindle or other ebook reader, I fully support (for what it is worth) your efforts to monetize your abilities. Good luck.

    Fourth, In general your captions on pictures posts are very nice. Very unique and attractive pics. What makes them fundamentally unique is the new angle you portray in the picture. In that sense there is an element of suprise.

    Whatever the number, regarding the above post - great attempt. But following the story wasnt easy. As you have to click to each one, go back and click the next one. Perhaps that is the limitation of the blog software platform. But when you want to click the next one, it is not clear which one. Perhaps some numbering would help.

    All in all, you are a genius.

    For now, anonymous.

  2. Sara

    Wonderful, more of these adventures please.


  3. Stunning!! simply wonderful Sara!

  4. I agree with Anon # 1.

    Your skills are nicely diversified. The tragedy of course is that very few people will wish to pay for that which ( mostly ) they can get for free. Even Reluctant Press has problems. Although their format is a good answer to developing a cash flow.

    I found the pictures strangely and irritatingly erotic.Happy New Year Sara.

  5. Love it! You've been on a hot streak as of late, keep it up!

  6. Your writing is subtle and smoldering. Your single picture captions always have a twist. This series just shows how difficult it is to tell a longer story via captions . . . nothing subtle, doesn't really smolder, more like watching a bad porno. Overall, not in keeping with your reputation as a writer.

  7. honestly, as you asked

    - the serial pics as a style works ok, though sometimes, as here, less is more

    - the 'daddy' angle in yucky and beneath you (imo)

    - the actress here is Chloe, one of the best porno stars (again imo), love to see you use her again, so to speak

  8. Fantastic series!

    I love the build up from being forced to take cock, to liking it, to finally loving it.

    It's really fun following the sissy's thought patterns as they change.

  9. Lovely, great collections of pics,i like it it's like
    a sissy's dream, and it seem you are near that feeling
    thank you

  10. Restroom are a turn off for me, sorry

  11. as for suggestion, you can diversify the captions of subjects, as pink for the sissy, blu for the man and green the rest of comment.

    anyway... ;-) wonderful... great work...

  12. Something's gone wrong with the post...only some of the captioned pix will magnify so the text can be read...too bad, I was getting into the story ;)