Sunday, January 30, 2011


What is missing?

I had to look, after she pulled away, after her car left the garage.

I opened her bottom drawer, the one with her lingerie.

I knew every outfit, ever piece, as well as I knew my own lingerie.

Much was there, much.

But not all.

There were pieces missing

A teddy.

A chemise.

A couple of babydolls.

Pretty things, sexy things, seductive things.

A garter skirt, stockings.


Presumably packed.

And the one other thing, the one other thing I had to check.

Her closet.

The pack of condoms.





  1. She loves you Sara, we can all tell that. For her to explore her sexuality.... it's only natural. She's a sensuous and intricate woman, who definitely doesn't limit herself to only one type of love or experience.....
    While she will I'm sure ALWAYS come back to her true love...her true sissy...YOU, I sense that she is welcoming the opportunity to take advantage of new and wonderful relationships....... that might blossom into........ who knows..... but she would never cheat on you with another sissy.........
    But you can't expect her to refrain herself from the taste and wonderment of a REAL MAN?

  2. Not sure when you're writing fiction or not. But this post was a kick in the stomach. Ugh.

  3. A kick in the stomach for me too...
    And it reminded me a similar situation, that happened to me (no jokes, no fiction!). I had put the condoms close to her things she had to pack, and they went with those things... I jerked multiple times that evening, after she was gone!