Saturday, January 29, 2011


Packing her toiletries, she just called from the bathroom, "should I take condoms or do you think I'll be okay?"

My stomach turned and my groin felt like it would swell.

I was afraid to look in her bag to see if she packed any or not.


  1. Sara:
    Please make sure she packs condoms. Both of you are so lovely...... you need to be protected from all the nasty stuff out there........
    Love forever,
    I will be thinking of both of you (especially you though) every day that she is away from you. I absolutely understand why you are soooo much in love with her.....

  2. I once packed them for Linda...
    Actually, what I did, I just put an unwrapped box of condoms into her drawer, on top of the bras which I was sure she would've brought with her.
    One hour after she had left (my longest hour ever...) I meekly went to check that drawer, and guess what? ...

  3. ... continue form previous comment.

    Guess what? The condoms were not there.
    So I instantly popped my cock out of my trousers, and jerked in seconds!
    [(I'm sorry Sara you are denied this immense pleasure... :o( ]
    A few hours later...