Friday, January 28, 2011


"Fine, I'll wear the chastity thing," I told Emily last night as we lay in bed, the lights out, after we'd kissed goodnight.

She laughed, not the response I'd expected.

"Why are you laughing," I asked.

"Well, because you say that like there was every any doubt and because you make it sound as if you're giving in to me, giving me something I want."


"So? So? My sweet lover, YOU want it much more than I do and I dare say, you've hardly been able to stop thinking about it all week, have you? Locked up, unable to touch yourself all that time while I'm gone, doing who knows what."

I did not answer. Did not need to, for she felt my answer. Felt it in the immediate swelling pressed against her. Felt it in my breathing. Felt it in my touching of her.

She knew the answer.  She knew. She always knew.

And I did, too.

Emily turned to me, I could see her face, barely, by the soft light escaping through the blinds. I felt her hands, under the covers, reaching for me, touching me, holding me, wrapping her hands around me as I grew.

"You're not going to be able to do this you know, for three weeks. Grow like this. And you're going to want to, all the time. Every time you think of me, wonder who I'm talking to, wonder if I'm flirting, wonder if some guy is sitting next to me staring at my legs, wonder if I'm letting my skirt ride up, just a little. Every time, you're going to want to swell, and every time you won't be able to."

She was stroking me, watching me, seeing me.

"Every time, lover, every time. Every time you think of me, fantasizing about me flirting or touching...thinking about that now?"

"Yes," I grunted as she quickened, reaching that point, so quickly.

"A man touching me?"

"Yes," I hissed, looking at her with a mixture of pain and pleasure in my eyes, the need, the fantasy, the humiliation, the jealous.

"Inside me?"

"Ohhhh," I started to shake, to jerk, too fast, too far...

"Fucking me?"

I erupted, of course, she knew I would, I knew, too, how could I not, how could I hold back, did I want to even? Did I care?

"Three weeks, lover, three weeks to think of all that.

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