Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Alamo Preacher

Who is Alamo Preacher?

Well, Alamo is the reason I started writing. My original inspiration. My original muse. Without Alamo, there would be no A Change in Our Marriage, no blog, none of this. Alamo's writings inspired me to write, inspired me to start, Alamo and Vickie Tern, what they wrote, what they did, started all of this.

Why do I mention this?

Because I got to inspire Alamo Preacher! The teacher became the student and the student became the teacher.

I'm pleased, happy, thrilled, and so proud to be able to tell you that Alamo published a Kindle book, At Last She Knows: A Cuckold's dream come true.

If you like my style, you'll love Alamo's!

And like me, Alamo has free stuff, too on a blog:

I highly, highly encourage you to read Alamo's stuff, both on the blog and the Kindle book.

Why the Kindle books? For me or for Alamo or for any other author you like?

Well, we don't make much money from it, but we make something. And if you like what we do, if you really, really like it, support us, me, Alamo, or any artist you like by buying their stuff. I know that's probably a shameless plug, but I don't care, because I buy stuff from artists I like (including Alamo!)

Oh, and one more thing, if you like an artist, and you can, leave a positive review. It helps. Really.

I'll leave one for Alamo when I can (I read the story-fucking wonderful) as Amazon makes one wait 48 hours to post a review.

Anyway, please, go check out Alamo's book and website. If you like my style, you'll LOVE Alamo's!


  1. Dear Sara,

    I've thoroughly enjoyed your writing, and Alamo's as well. And I would purchase your books on Amazon except for one thing. I'm a cross dreamer-in-secret, and I simply cannot risk my wife's or others who might use my iPad finding books such as these. If you sold them as PDFs that might be different for me. I wish you would consider it!



  2. I Love Your Writing! It reminds me of some of mine! I can't wait now to read Alamo's! I don't have a kindle! What do I do?