Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Why do you pick this every time?"

"What do you mean, Emily?"

"Every time I tell you that you can dress me in any lingerie you want before we mess around it seems you pick this outfit."

"I...I don't know," I mumbled, "you look pretty in it." Not only had I picked out the white lingerie, the camisole, the sheer panties, the stockings, even the heels, I'd dressed her as she sat there, like a handmaiden, helping her into each piece of the ensamble.

"I look pretty in lots of lingerie," she reached forward, touched me through the panties I was wearing, part of the set I wore, "yet you always seem to pick this."

"I guess I like you in white and it's so soft."

"You're lying."


She pulled me to the bed, on my back, climbed on top of me and rubbed her panty covered pussy over my panty covered penis. "I said you lying."

"What do you mean? You do look good in white and it is soft."

"Maybe, but that's not why you like it, Sara, don't think I don't know. You like it because you know I bought this to wear for James."

I took in a quick breath, she knew, she knew, I didn't think she knew. "Em..."

"You think I don't know? You think I don't know how your little mind works? You think I don't know when you were kneeling in front of me a few minutes ago slipping the stockings up my legs you weren't thinking about how many times I wore them for him?"

"Emily," I moaned as she slid herself over me.

"When you're licking my feet, sweet sissy, do you picture me when I wore these stockings for him, when I rubbed them on his hard cock?"

"Oh god," I moaned, leaning up, kissing her deeply.

"Can you still smell him, his scent on them? Can you taste any of his pre-cum," she asked, breaking off the kiss, then kissing me again.

"I...I don't think..."

"Don't lie, sissy, I know why you love it when I wear this. I know why you like licking me through these panties more than any other pair I own. I know what you think about, him, I know how it turns you on."

I nodded, yes, yes, yes.

"You know I like to put them back on before I fall asleep. You lick me thinking about me wearing them after he fucked me, don't you? You lick me thinking about his cum leaking out of me all night after he was inside me. I know you lick me wishing it didn't happen so long ago, that it had just happened. Don't think I don't know it."

I swallowed, erect in my own panties, betraying the answer, obvious, of course, of course.

"Lick me now, go ahead, I know what you'll be thinking about, lover, I know, I know."


  1. God Sara! You are so good!

    Lee Anne

  2. Who was James?
    I remember the african american stud in Dallas, and of course Evan.......
    luscious Evan......... but James?

  3. Sara, you write so beautifully and describe things with such a flair for the erotic that it makes me want to lick *you*

  4. Good God,

    I am so glad that i found your writings. my little clit so hard that i had to rub it. the visual that came to mind from reading this made me crazy - i made a copy for my wife.