Friday, November 11, 2011

Full Body Open Bottom Girdle

I suspect I'm the only genetic male at my office who has any idea what a full body open body girdle is.

I tend to think many women no longer have any idea.

I'm almost positive I'm the only person, male or female, wearing one to work today.


It might go without saying, but...

The girdle I wore today was black, not white, like in the pictures. So I wore the stockings pictured below (yes, black). The goes without saying part? Without socks, naturally. Think anyone noticed? Like Anonymous said, if someone looked really close, they might see my sheer black "socks" for what they are, they might see the bump of the garter straps under my trousers, they might see the slight bulge from the soft bra cups.


  1. You might think you're the only one Sara dear. However, you'd be wrong. We are truly kindred spirits Sara as I wearing my Rago full body open bottom girdle, purchased from the very place your photos are from

    Nice to know another sissy appreciates such classic shape ear

    Lee Anne

  2. Lee Ann-I'm so glad to hear that!!

  3. Back in the 90s there was a popular girdle (I can't remember the name) that was like a miniskirt with lace trim, that is, it was open on the bottom. I bought one for tummy control and wore it as a skirt once when I was feeling really daring.

    Smiles, Tracy

  4. I'm not at the office today, but I had an important meeting yesterday where I wanted to look and feel my best. For me, that means my charcoal pinstripe gabardine suit, Egyptian cotton dress shirt with cuff links, silk Hermes tie, Allen Edmonds slip-on dress shoes ... but first, my beautiful Custom Maid 299 long leg, side-zip paneled high waist girdle, tethering black, medium weight stockings. Only someone looking very closely would ever see my sheer black "socks" for what they really are, but that same person might notice the garter bumps barely visible through my wool slacks. The danger of that is a bit of a high in itself. And this firm girdle makes me feel ever so pulled together.

  5. I recognize that from What a wonderful girdle. I really want one! But when I do the measurements I see I have a 38" waist :( Perhaps I should lose 15 lbs and then buy one?

    I've always loved the open-bottom girdle and used to have one. But I've never worn the full body open bottom girdle. It is a great idea, especially when you want to wear a short skirt or dress and not have to futz around with taking off or unsnapping a girdle "down there."

  6. I love my open bottom girdle and thoroughly enjoy wearing it to work! I love knowing I am the "unique" one there.

  7. I find that the open-bottom Rago is the best when wearing my CB-3000, but when encased in my Exobelt V-1, I prefer the closed-bottom Rago briefer. The closed shield of the V-1 is pressed nicely to the pelvic bones with the bottom closure, and makes a wonderful little pubic mound...

    Love your postings, Sara. Thank you!!

    Kisses & Curtseys,
    Sissy Maid Tami

  8. these angels in stockings and suspenders look like a young wife who's husband is out of town. she loves her sweet mate and she loves dancing with hot young men dressed like Bettie Page. hhmmm?, does that mean the hot young men or the hot wife wearing open, full body black girdles and stockings?

    i've registered with sara's heavenly blog. i don't mean to be anonymous. i must not know what my url is to be able to post as me.

    1. I enjoy wearing my open bottom girdles and usually wear them at least 4 days a week, and yes complete with stockings attached. Veronnie

  9. Love to wear open bottom gidles, also whem making woopy! Lol