Monday, February 27, 2012

Love the girdle, but...

That little thing NEEDS to get tucked away immediately!

Source | Sissy Incorporated


  1. Not only should it be tucked away, but the girdle she is wearing would be just perfect for holding it back and up out of the way. Any holes in the girdle need to be sewn up, then when the girdle is pulled up on the waist, the bits will be held oh, so tightly!

    1. This style girdle, especially if purchased one size too small, is also perfect for holding a substantial butt plug in place -- a girdle works especially well with plugs that our little dear thinks are just too long. Of course, if there are complaints about the size of the girdle of the length of the plug, the broad satin backpanel of this girdle makes an ideal spank spot -- spank till the cheeks glow red through the powernet and satin, and don't worry about hitting the end of the plug with the hairbrush. Yes, that can be a bit noisy, but it makes the spanking ever so much more memorable, and will probably discourage complaints in future.