Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Oh, good, you're home..."

"He was just saying how badly he needed a drink, sweetie, why don't you slip on your French Maid's uniform and bring us something in the sun room."

Source | Mommy was a MILF


  1. MMMmmm Oh this is just soooo yummy! I am feeling so naughty thinking about this one!

    1. Oh I know, Mischel. She pushed back my edges each time she had sex with another man. In bed she fondled me and told me about some of the men she "cheated" on me with. Touching me and pillow talking into my ear about the ways she gave other men orgasms. It was when I stood in this hurricaine of sex and embarrassment that she told me about a new man she wanted. She let me know what she had done with him already, before she made this date with him tonight. My warm and gorgeous wife put on my panties and my bra first as she dressed me to watch her ravish him. Before he arrived we would both be wearing our favorite lingerie and high heels and both greet him at our front door. We put him in a front door sandwich between us and rubbed ourselves up and down over his body. He faced Irma and they French kissed, I spooned up to his bottom with my panties barely concelling my erection. It was the night that basically formed our sexual relationship for the rest of our marraige. I obviously was her gay or bi-sexual, cross-dressing cuckold. I wanted to be more than anything else.