Thursday, March 15, 2012

Good Touches

I love it when she plays with herself and tells me her naughty fantasies.


  1. Especially if those fantasies are about real men and humiliating me! *giggles

    i'm so jealous of that lingerie (not to mention that body!).

  2. Pillow talk and mutual masturbation is dreamy. I love the rising feeling in my stomach when I see images like this. Sexual urges and so much pleasure for my wife, the other men she had sex with and me. She used sex magic on me early in our relationship and I have been her happy cuckold for the 23 years we were married. I bought my sorceress lingerie and high heels to attract other men. She rewarded all that I did to help provide her with younger, bigger men in bed. On our nights, she put on her corset and gloves to slowly jack me off and tell me about the ways she gave other men orgasms. She wanted me to know and imagine her doing that with guys when she had bedroom dates and I waited at home for her wearing my stiletto boots, wet red lipstick and shoulder length black satin gloves. She knows how hot it makes me when she wears long slinky red gloves and fondles other men through their pants where I can see her, that is a reward. She is so loving that she sometimes lets me watch her slippery satin fingers stroke a man's erection. For me it feels like a place out of time's flow. With some men on some nights I get to be with them for a threesome... of sorts.
    She follows her palms and fingers up and down over his bigger cock with her painted lips, levitating me into sexual pleasure. I cannot possibly take my eyes off her full lips slipping down over his big boner. She is cupping his balls in her palm, rubbing him slowly in her gloved hand. Her over glove is squeezed around the base of his shaft to control it.
    Long live pillow talk fantasies, lingerie and mutual masturbation.