Friday, March 23, 2012


"Well, he's pretty enough and you were right, the French knickers do hide his boy clit."


  1. Saragirl, this is really like my teenage fantasies. A kinky older couple who would let me wear panties and do what they wanted me to do. My early masturbation fantasies revolved around pictures of Bettie Page and the very long black satin gloves I had stolen from my aunt.
    My aunt Ruth was a firecracker. Theatrical and occasionally wild I heard whispered in the family. Appearantly to keep me from scratching at my chicken pox when I was five or so, she forced me to wear her long satin gloves. She was so worried that I would pick the scabs. Even at five I was embarrassed to be wearing lady clothes. When I tried to pull the slippery satin gloves back down over my arms, my aunt forced them back up and held me in them until I fell asleep. The next night she put her bra on me and safety pinned the tops of the gloves to the side of the bra. I seemed to have little or no resistance that second night. I liked the way they made me have an itch I could not scratch until I could hit puberty. Aunt Ruth really did love me. I don't think that either of us knew the course she had set for me by her forcing me to wear gloves and a bra.

    I loved her attention my whole life, child and man. I sat with her when she put on her make-up and lingerie. I watched and we chatted about her husbands, boyfriends and recreational sex partners. I probably learned earlier than most what women do to have their way with a guy. I watched her paint her lips and tell me, "men flirt with me most when I wear my blowjob red lipstick". I did not know what a blowjob was yet and seemed ticklely nervous to ask her.

    Over the years I went to her vanity when she was out and tried on lipstick and panties from her lighted vanity table and drawers. I usually would sit down and put on make-up than look at her lingerie and high heels. It was so mind blowing the first time I pulled seamed stockings up over my small legs and fastened them to my garter belt just like Ruth did.

    Years later I learned that she, of course, could tell when someone had been rooting around in her panty drawers. She knew that she had something to do with my wanting to put on lingerie, so was very open and understanding with me about that. One evening in her bedroom, she took took out a bra, a garter belt and the shear seamed stockings that I had put on a couple of days before. The exact same panties and gloves I had taken to wear in bed that night.

  2. She was funny and gentle, but she dressed me up in every single piece. She covered my lips with wet red paint and my eyes with liners and mascara, lipstick and eye shadows. I think I was about eight years old and this is still how I like to have sex now. I was a sissy before I was a cuckold, but I fucking love the combination. Oh my gosh, I was floating on a cloud feeling the kinky sexual sensation of satin panties and stockings covering my groin and thighs. My aunt Ruth did not try to take advantage of me sexually for many years to come, but she dressed me and told me about the ways she played on some of her hot dates. Marriage never really altered her dating life. On those several intervals she was a wife, but she never denied her senses. She whispered to me as she dressed to thrill, that her mean ol' husband did not want her to have any fun. She described men's bodies to me in sexual detail sometimes when she was in the sex zone. We both loved those nights.

    When I was tipping into puberty, I loved to dress up with aunt Ruth and ask her questions about when would I have sex like her and all of her men. Her face displayed her loving protector feelings and her hands seemed to have two minds as where to settle. She fiddled with my garter clasps, unfastening and reattaching them. I had dressed and put on my most scarlet make-up as I had since I was in preschool, but a new layer was being revealed to me. She stopped touching my stockings and turned to pull from her drawer the same gloves I had been wearing to bed at night. She easily took my arms and pulled the satin gloves up to my shoulders.

    I could feel it when she let her hands linger on my panties, to rub me with her gloves and show me what it felt like to get an erection in a naughty woman's hands. She asked me about things that night with my first boner in her gloved palms and curled fingers.

    She recognized that my orientation was very influenced, now at last, by her dressing me up in high heels and lipstick and telling me how exciting it was to suck men's cocks. Perhaps it was never her intension to femanize me away from girls, it just happened. Now though she was going to keep doing it, using her sex magic on me to be gay. She seemed to derive a lot from the power to effect a man's sex life like this.

    I could not believe how much I confessed to her that first hard-on night and on a hundred more since then. She always helped me with my corsets and high heels through high school, then stroked my cock with oil as I begged to watch her with a man. Her sorcery weaved an unbreakable bond for me with orgasms, woman, lingerie and high heels, lipstick and slutty gloves. I am very happy being able to buy girdles and coned bras to wear when I watch Ruth let other men push open her pussy lips.