Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shame... one way to control a nasty masturbation habit.


  1. You need to tie the sissy's hands and just put a vibrating up there to milk her.
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  2. Very lovely I wish my mom or aunt had done that to me as a teen boy. I deserved it for all the naughty stuff I did.

  3. I just adore Richard Hegemann's 1920's art. In the 75 or so files I have of his (her?) art, Mom seems very KINKY much to sister and brother's benefit.

  4. This piece tells so much with such ease. It is a shimmering thing. The truth has always been that I wanted to be feminized by stronger women. To be so agreeably sissy for a sexually aggressive MILF. How old is 7th grade? 13 years old or so. The first time I went over after school, Mrs. Collins made us dinner. She was so nice. My friend's dad was in sales or whatever and was on the road a lot. We all sat on the couch watching TV and talking. She asked me if I had a girlfriend or did I like girls and questions about my experiences with girls. I was blushing like mad, but seemed so excited to keep being teased by her.
    She was so warm and dressed like in a movie, Mamie Van Dorn or Sophia Loren. Her lips were so red and when her skirt slid up you could see the tops of her stockings. We were all eating popcorn with the bowl on her lap. She sat in the middle between us. She picked up a piece of corn and moved her hand deliberately over my lap to drop it. Her curvy tight sweater and the bowl of popcorn hid my pants area from my friend. Holding my eyes with hers she reached down to find and then pick it up. Her fingernails were long and crimson red I saw. She could hear my heart beat right through the air while she fondled all over the front of my pants, finding what she wanted. She stopped and concentrated on my throbbing mushroom. She felt my erection grow in my pants with her magic palms and curved fingers. Now she made me answer more carefully some of the questions that had made me blush earlier.
    "I asked you if you masturbate at night in your bed. Tell me if you find something slippery and rub it over your boner. What do you like to think about when you roll with the extraordinary waves of barely suppressed orgasms? I'm going to stroke your cock with oil tonight and you will tell me your most embarrassing sexual fantasies, OK sweetheart?" My friend, her daughter, looked up at her mom and... smirked? I was faint; really, I was so close to just tipping over on the couch. My breath taken away, my heart pounding, I was way beyond controlling my own orgasm. She could do anything to me she wanted and I wanted that more than anything. My friend walked over to turn the sound down so that the flickering light of the show lit up my first real femdom experience.
    I stood in front of her with wobbly knees so she could pull my pants and tidy withies down. She never stopped fondling my erection even as she pulled my clothes off. Monica brought her some things and lay these down on the lamp table. She took a seat across from her mother and I, looking at me in a unrecognizable way. It looked like she anticipated something sexual with her eyes and lips and how she held herself, but with an unknowable quality that led me to believe she was kinky. For that whole night she jacked me off and took me for a ride on my own slinkiest sexual desires. Gloves! Oh, please put on gloves and give me glovejobs, precious. She melded things in my mind, with overwhelming sexual desire. Her gloves and my utter obedience. I did everything she asked of me. I went to my knees and licked her panties. She controlled my mouth as if it were her sex toy by squeezing her stockings down hard around my head to slow me or hold my face deeply into her vagina.
    She gave herself a couple of climaxes with my face, and then took her veined, realistic vibrating dildo strap-on out of her bag on the lamp table.


  5. Oh my how I wish that were me being humilated and shamed by those stunning creatures...
    xxx sissy jayne