Friday, April 20, 2012


"Wait," I said as he entered me, full of self doubt, but it was too late, there was no stopping him now, now once his cock was inside my virgin ass. Ready or not, he was going to fuck me, he was going to cum inside me, he was going to make me feel like a woman.

And as he pushed farther and farther into me I my inhibitions evaporated and I embraced the sissy inside me, the woman inside me, and quite literally, the cock inside me.

It was then that I looked up, when his cock was as far inside me as he could push it, it was then I looked up, looked at my wife sitting across the room, watching, a smile on her face. She knew, I'd never stop him now, knew it was inevitable now, that finally, finally, she'd get what she wanted all these years from me.


  1. Sara:
    Does Emily like you to wear that much makeup? It is ravishing!
    I bet your eyes look sooooo sensuous.

    and dear...I know that you wish you had those breasts now, don't you?

  2. Oh yes!I felt it inside me!I feel so feminine!