Monday, April 9, 2012

"Please, please, can't I take them off today? Just this once? I've done everything you've asked; I've dressed how you want, I've taken the hormones, I've been the perfect girl."

"And the perfect girl you'll remain, because, as I've told you at least a hundred times, that little boy clit of your is NOT going inside me ever again."


  1. i've been fantasizing about this being me and my wife for a few years now. She rarely ever has sex with me and i hope she's haveing sex with other men and dream of the day she can tell me about it and make me her sissy cuck. To my surprise she did have sex with me on my birthday 9 days ago. As much as i tell her i want to have sex with her, i really started liking to go for more and more time between couplings. It was only 9 months this time. i couldn't help but feel a little dissapointed that it didn't break the 13 months between like last time. At least our average won't drop much below once a year.

  2. i just realize that this was posted on my birthday. If she hadn't stayed home that day, i would have read this then and dreamed it was us.