Monday, April 23, 2012

What I've been working on...

There have been fewer personal updates lately, about Emily and I, for which I apologize, but I've been hard at work on my new book, The Sissy Pilot, which should come out in the next few months. This is a long story, currently a little longer than A Change in Our Marriage, and of that genre (feminization, emasculation, cuckolding). While I have a couple of other long stories in the works, it looks like this is the one that is going to get published first.

Below is my working cover (thanks to the simply amazing OnlyTease, which you should all check out for letting me use the image, which I'm super pumped about because that image was the inspiration for the story).

And here is an excerpt:
The run didn’t clear my head, didn’t even come close. I tried, I really did, to lose myself in the road, but I couldn’t. Every time my thoughts drifted, every time I started to just myself  go, mentally, two images flashed into my brain: the picture of the pilot Mrs. Peterson gave me and the white lace bra and panty set. I couldn’t let it go because I kept coming back to imagining myself dressed like, looking like, that pilot in the picture. She was beautiful, stunning even. And Mrs. Peterson, with some apparent help from my fiancée, expected me to look like that. I couldn’t let it go, because I was marching to my execution. I felt emasculated enough when I was out of work—though I assumed finding work would end that—but now the job itself, by design, was going to emasculate me even further. 
Up until two days ago, I was only mentally emasculated, but not it was going to be physical emasculated, too, a physical manifestation of the feelings I’d had for weeks and weeks. That wouldn’t help my thoughts and feelings, it would make them so much worse. I thought work would restore my masculinity, but it was going to do just the opposite. And all with my fiancée’s fucking support!
I tried to let it go, because there was another thought in my mind, a creeping suspicion, a lingering fear. What if I…no, no, I couldn’t think that, no. There was no way. Stop, Dana, stop, I told myself, stop. Run, let it go, run. Run.


  1. It'll be a GREAT read. I can hardly wait!!

  2. Excellent. Good news indeed!

  3. 2n'd paragraph, 1st line. You used 'not' when I assume you mean 'now'
    Hope that was helpfull, anytime you need a proofreader :)

    1. Damn, how did that random ' get into 2nd?

  4. You write beautifully and I find your stories deliciously erotic, but you may want to consider some synonyms for "emasculate."

  5. I am so looking forward to the new book! - I read A change in our Marriage, Room and Board and Mother in Law on my recent holiday and was permanently horny as a result. The stuff that my dreams are made of. Hugs

  6. This is a wonderful book. I have read all the ones available by you and this is my favorite up to now--I love the others too!