Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Surgeon General recommends 30 minutes of exercise a day.


  1. Remember what our new female Surgeon General recommended: Oral worship is satisfactory to start, but really healthful exercise should get the heart rate up, and there is no better way to get a sissy's heart rate up than with a vigorous pegging. Ideally, Sissy's heart rate rises when she lays eyes on milady's strap-on and contemplates the length and girth of the monster that is about to split her open.

    Unfortunately, some sissies can't seem to get to a healthful heart rate with just a monster strap-on plunging into their sissy pussy (Sissies - you know who you are!) For these dears, our Surgeon General recommends half an hour of over milady's knee being reminded how much milady's mahogany hairbrush stings as it heats and reddens sissy's bottom cheeks and thighs.
    When Sissy starts begging for milady's biggest, fattest strap-on even before her half-hour spanking is completed, as long as her bottom is hot to the touch and a lovely shade of red, the pegging can start. The big strap-on plunging into sissy's hot, reddened ass will keep her heart rate above 160 until milady is thoroughly satiated. If the spanking and pegging takes over an hour, sissy can get a day off before her next spanking and pegging, and still get her government-recommended 30 minutes of heart-health exercise per day. A little extra workout with the hairbrush on off-days never did a sissy any harm, of course, and it seems to keep their tongues agile and strong.