Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why listen to your wife?

Because she complains to her mother when you don't, and her mother has little tolerance for sissy husbands who misbehave.

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  1. As if she didn't have reason enough to listen to and obey her wife, this pretty little sissy drew a mother in law who not only packs some frightful canes in her suitcase when she comes to visit, but also brings along some knobby butt plugs and a few super-firm high-waist zippered girdles to keep sissy in line. Mother in Law approves of the chastity her daughter introduced to sissy on the honeymoon, and has shown her daughter that a tight girdle over a fat butt plug and a secure chastity cage gives sissy a perfectly delightful, sexy walk, showing off her sheer stockings and heels to perfection. Furthermore, the girdle, plug, and chastity cage seems to keep sissy perpetually primed for a vigorous pegging.

    A sissy wearing a chastity cage, a knobbed butt plug, and a powerful, retro girdle is constantly reminded of the last caning she got, the next caning she can expect, and her next vigorous pegging that may come at any time.