Wednesday, June 13, 2012


The poor young man, his evil step-sisters had no interest in taking care of the house by themselves so were hell bent on making him share in the chores. Their mother didn't mind, she was happy to let her feminized step son take on all the chores, and his father was too busy working to pay much attention.

There was one thing, though, they wanted to do, to make sure he never ever felt like a boy again. Luckily, the girls had met the Prince at a party a few weeks ago where they learned that the Prince had a thing for "girls" just like their step-brother.

"Just hold still," one sister told their step-brother, holding him down while the Prince lowered his pants.

"This might be a tight fit," the other giggled seeing the Prince's thick hard cock.

The Prince smiled, knowing from experience that a tight fit might not work for a glass slipper, but was perfect for something like this.


  1. He'll soon get trained by his step-sissters especially if the Prince has a hand in it - or even a fist.

  2. Sara,

    Love the punch line!



  3. haha

    you should do a rewrite of all the great old fairy tales

  4. These aren't evil stepsisters, they're wonderful and the sissy should be grateful to them and serve them as their slave