Thursday, June 14, 2012


Ladies, leaving your sissy home alone can often lead to her getting herself into trouble (even in chastity, a sissy will try to find a way to make herself cum using Hitachi Magic Wand).

Why worry about that? You're supposed to be out on a date, relaxing, not worrying about what your sissy is doing at home.

Here's a simple solution that: 1) keeps your sissy out of trouble, 2) makes sure she can't get herself off, and 3) puts those hours she is left alone to good use making sure sissy is learning a practical skill.

Yes, cock sucking is a practical skill ALL sissies should be good at, even if only to suck your strap-on.


  1. Hitachi wand for a guy? EEK! I would think that could cause testicular torsion, something I definitely woldn't recommend. That being said, if the mistress uses the hitachi on herself too much, I think a sissy COULD be out of a job. Those things are amazing!