Friday, June 1, 2012

Lulu Love

Holy shit, you all...

While The Sissy Pilot may not be ranked so high in the Kindle store, on Lulu, it is currently the number 1 book in the Sex and Relationship category and number 18 overall.

Love all of you and thanks for supporting The Sissy Pilot!

Now, if you liked the book, give it a good review on either Amazon or Lulu so others can find it.

Seriously, reviews help.

And seriously, I really, really thank all of you for your support!



  1. You ARE writing a sequel aren't you? I mean its fantastic and your barely good and started. Please? :)

  2. Congratualtions!

    I just finished my kindle version! Wonderful und really hot story! i really look forward to (hopefully) many more stories from you!

    Please continue writing, you're doing a wonderful job!