Monday, June 4, 2012

The Moment...

The moment I looked around the room, trying to find my wife, seeing her across the room, with a man she'd been talking to earlier.

The moment I saw his arm wrap around her waist, pull her closer.

The moment I saw her arm go up, not to push him away, but pull him closer.

The moment I saw him take the hem of her gown in his hand, raise it up to her hip, exposing her long, toned leg, claiming her in the process.

The moment I caught her face in the mirror above them, saw her mouth open, her eyes closed.

That was the moment I knew I should get my coat, call a cab, for I would be going home alone from the party, that he would not let go of her, not lose sight of her, the rest of the night, until the next morning.

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