Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Properly Dressed Sissy

There is NO reason a sissy shouldn't be dressed like this EVERY day (I say that, in part, because Emily are in the midst of some chastity play and I've worn lingerie and a chastity cage, daily, for the whole month).

You'd be AMAZED how respectful, compliant, and appropriate a sissy acts when she's feminized by lingerie and emasculated by a chastity cage.


  1. Totally agree - although a butt plug would complete the humiliation, and also make sure she was ready and gaping when needed.

  2. One last accessory, after pretty lingerie, chastity, and butt plug helps make sissy perfectly respectful, compliant, and properly behaved. Milady's mahogany hairbrush. It sits out on the dresser as a constant visual reminder of milady's recourse when sissy's behavior or respectfulness lapses. And how could sissy not be thinking how spankable she looks wearing her tightest corset and her tight, paneled and zippered girdle to hold in her butt plug and show off her chastity. That's how sissy is always dressed for her maintenance spankings -- with pretty stockings and heels, of course.