Saturday, July 7, 2012 remember Evan?

Do you? Well...

Guess who is in town tonight?

Guess who is going out to dinner with him tonight?

Guess who (despite the heat) is wearing a sexy bra and panty set and thigh high stockings under her dress?

Guess who was checked to make double sure her chastity cage was extra tight?

Guess who told me as she walked out the door, "don't bother waiting up, sweetie, I won't be home early."


  1. Can't wait to hear a full report in the coming days!

    Kisses & Curtseys,
    Sissy Maid Tami

  2. The Evan posts have always been the hottest imo. Hope there is some wicked results to report :)

  3. Does Evan know about Sara?

  4. Saragirl, is it true that you want Emily to tell Even that her husband is a beautiful feminine creature. Perhaps she should bring Even back after dinner and dancing to let you see how hot it is making her to have him in her. The look you see each time she has sex with bigger men. I don't mean to presume with you and Emily. It's just that this is the loving image I have of my wife giving other men orgasms.