Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Here's the thing, when she unlocked you and told you that she was worried you'd cum too soon (after a month in the cage) so she'd only fuck you if you could last at least a minute with her stroking you (or else you were back in the cage for another month)...

She knew you'd never do it. She absolutely KNEW it. And the same thing will happen next month, and the next, don't you get it? You're never going inside her again.


  1. Hallo,

    I love your blog. The mix of great photos and you words...

    In August I will get locked... my first time and I'm nervous, but looking forward to it. My wife/Mistress - who allowed me to beg for a cage after she read you blog - said that she has no plans to let me out... do you have an tips on what's important when wearing a chastity cage?


  2. Ohhhhh my,I know I could never last more than ten seconds with that goddess stroking me, she is awesome. sissy jayne xx