Monday, July 9, 2012


A good marriage is built on three things:

feminization and chastity, shown here:

and a realistic strap on dildo. All three, I think, are equally important. And equally present in my life.


  1. Yum, the top pix is the shape and look I am striving for - right now I am down with the caged part, looks exactly like mine.

  2. Exquise pictures again.
    Thank you for sharing Sara.

  3. That harness, while sexy being all small and sexy, would never be able to uphold the pounding I would need.

  4. I am almost (or actually) hypnotized by that top picture of a bottom. mmmmnnh, my wife dressed me like this on her bedroom date nights with other men. When she wanted to have sex with a younger and bigger man, she only had to tell me to put on my gloves. If it was the night before her date, she would often dress me and put on my make-up. She always had me pull up my long black satin gloves first. I fastened bras and garterbelts easily in my gloves, the ankle straps on my stiletto heels too. I was in her control. She talked to me about the lingerie I was wearing to wait at home for her to come in at 3:30 in the morning. She of course had many long slinky satin and leather gloves of her own that she used on her dates to jack men off. I knew how sexual pleasure flowed from her cock stroking hands after years of being stroked and listening to her describe for me the ways she was going to give her lover orgasms.
    When she came home this night her gorgeous face looked cross. She had gotten into an angry argument with Steven tonight and she was going to make a man pay for her displeasure. They had sex before the arguement, and really, twice after, but she was mad.
    More often this is a loving and intimate time for us, where I smooth up her drooping stockings and snug her shoulder length black leather gloves back up over her shoulders. She smiles so naughty at me when I attend to her. Soon it is time for me to clean him from her pussy lips. Her panties are gone now, if in fact she was wearing any when he picked her up. She indicates where she wants me to lay on my back. I gaze, in love with her, where she sits close and hikes up her miniskirt. The garter stretched welt of her seamed stockings brush my cheeks on either side when she sits down over my face. I could not even guess about how elastic time was when I was with her like this. Just home from her sex date and rubbing her pussy over my mouth, my chin, nose, my forehead.
    Tonight she was angry and she was going to butt fuck me. She did clean her velvety pussy on my face, but then she flipped me over. She pushed my stockings together and straddled both of my thighs just behind my bottom. Her skin tight leather fingers grabbed my panties and yanked them off with a tear. I wriggled in pleasure when she stuck her finger all the way up into my panty hole. My moans carried every whisp of breath from my lungs and I pushed back onto her finger eagerly. Looking over my shoulder at her I could see she was stroking her 8 inch strap-on with her oiled other hand and then pointing it exactly at my anus. I felt her weight shift, her femdom control of me absolute. I lay there in anticipation and love until I felt her pull her finger slowly out of my ass and the swollen mushroom of her realistic throbbing boner sinking deeply into my bottom. She rocked her angry clit over the vibrator in her end of the strap-on she was butt fucking me with. She told me that she had already had a dozen big and small orgasms tonight, so this one was not going to be soon.
    She gave us both hours of kinky femdom sex, confessions of how she was "cheating" on me and was going to for the rest of our life. Taking me to the greatest heights of sex and passion, cunilingus, glovejobs, fucking and talking to me about how Steven was the best lay she had ever had in her life. That he gave her the hottest climaxes that she has ever felt. She used my panty hole long after I was soft and could not get it up any more until she heaved and rocked her cock into me and crumpled into sexual pleasure.