Monday, July 9, 2012


Once her daughter got serious with a boy, Mrs. Henderson made sure he knew what he could expect if he continued to court her daughter.

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  1. Ms Henderson and her daughter Lola were very close.

    They talked from the time Lola could talk and really long before that. Now in her teens, Lola relied on her mother for advice on how to manipulate boys. She wanted them - on her own terms, and did not like to particularly be nice to them. Small talk was not really wanted.

    By example, her mother showed her how to femdom young men from the time she was a baby. Her mother had dominated and taken advantage of younger men her whole life, now Lola wanted to.

    "If you show him your bra and touch him on his pants, he will give you anything; money, jewelry, fun. You will lure him in and begin to femdom him to be your sex slave. Bring him home with you tonight. We'll dress him in some slinky satin lingerie and butt fuck him into submission. He will promise you anything with my cock up his ass and just before he gushes onto your teddy.