Friday, July 20, 2012

Simple Decision

Pick your wife or her mother, loser, it doesn't matter, one's going in your mouth, the other in your ass.


  1. I'm jealous... f**k... could ony be better if one of them was a man.

  2. Sara dear:
    How are things with YOUR mother in law? Did Emily tell her all about you?
    I do remember you writing about wearing your mother in laws panties on your first visit there.....

  3. I just want to say THANK YOU !! I have seen lots of blogs but this is my first visit here.
    EVERY pic on this page is sexy as can be, WHEW !!

  4. its so hot the thing you have with your mother in law. I think is about impotence and domination. tell us

  5. Id take both in my sissy ass then suck and lick their big cocks clean, mmmmm....