Friday, July 27, 2012


If your wife is going to keep you locked up while she entertains her lover, the least she can do is leave you with something to do to occupy your time. While a book would be nice, this looks to be a much better alternative.

You're left with something to do and you'll be learning a valuable skill at the same time.

And yes, cock sucking is one of the MOST valuable skills a sissy can learn.


  1. If she allowed the Sissy to attend the blow-job training in that kind of outfit, the Sissy is very lucky!

  2. Dearest Sarah,
    This picture inspired me to write this on my Facebook page. Thank you m'love!

    Mistress, Mistress...standing in the hall,
    Why might I ask is there a dildo hanging on the door?
    So, my dear slut, that you may practice, and not be such a glut,
    For soon you will find and learn to love,
    The ties that bind.

    1. Revision time...
      Mistress, Mistress in the hall,
      Why, might I ask, is there a dildo suctioned to the door?
      For practice my dear slut,
      So that when my date comes, big, strong and tall
      You may serve us both,
      Which is something we know you just adore.