Thursday, August 30, 2012

A task every sissy should perform


  1. Not only is it a task every sissy should perform but i know from experience that when my Wife comes home and sees that i have already handwashed Her intimates and hung them to dry outside, with great care of course, it puts Her in a much better mood. Call it a sissy's form of foreplay ;)

  2. A gal's gotta do what a "gal" has to do!

  3. Done it. Very humbling.

    sissy terri

  4. My darling Sara:
    Do you own a pair of jimmy choo heels like this lovely sissy in the pic?

  5. Washing my hot wife's bras and stockings in the bathroom sink with Calgon was my first and early tries to be her sex slave. She appreciated it and translated each evening of me washing and spreading her panties out carefully to dry as worth letting me French kiss her pussy for hours. I had moderate wood the whole time I hand washed each glove or garterbelt and full wood when she let me kiss and lick her pussy.
    As you always provide, Sara, this picture means the world to me.


  6. 5'7'' 170lbs going on vacation out of town with my girlfriend who supports my habits but basiclly only wants to see me in VS brand things. Too pricy and its impossible fiding anything up top that fits well. ive got panties galore.

    But i am in search of a online store that sells affordable undies, fit for guys and or has a good return policy

    1. Secrets in Lace, Ms Anoymous. The web site is Gorgeous lingerie in the Bettie Page style. Girdles with three garters on either side. The kind of shear seamed reinforced heel stockings that the best uptown hookers wear. My favorite.