Friday, August 24, 2012

Backing Her Up

Sometimes a woman just can't swallow every drop...that's when it's nice to have a sissy husband there to catch the overflow and avoid having a mess to clean up later.


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    1. Hey Leeanne,
      I love this way to play in a threesome too. My F/M/m affairs have always been my hottest weekends of fun. Probably an over simplification, but I think of myself as a bi-sexual/cross dressing/cuckold. For me that means I am first a cuckold and then the two things describing what favor of a cuckold I am.

      What do you like to think about when you are masturbating, Leeanne? Have you had a wife or girlfriend that would dress you like a cock slut? Mmmmmnh, my favorite. She let me wear panties and stockings when she had bedroom dates with other men. "My bigger and harder young men.", she said. We shared such a deep intimacy like this. She talked to me about these things in our bed, wearing her long black satin gloves to rub my boner. She stroked me like this and told me about how hot it made her to have sex with other men. It was our foreplay, she was serious about having sex with other men, but wanted me in.

      I could not have been more turned on. With her palms pleasuring my cock and her stories of giving men blowjobs, I just gushed. My cum shot up to my shoulders, neck and earlobe. After that she femdom'd me completely, to my erotic delight. We didn't do the yada yada worthless piece of, yada. It was loving and sexual. She was very, very generous to me, knowing just how to make me float with sexual pleasure. Her murmurs of her own sexual pleasures with bigger young men in my ear. I adored her pussy lips and listened to her tell me about the guy at her club in Portland. I lay between her stockings, French kissing her vagina until she has had the last orgasm she wants tonight.

      It was less than a month after she first jacked me off and told me she was going to start having sex with other men, that our dreams came true. We pulled the trigger one Friday night, for her dressing provocatively and going to a great club in town. In at least a bid to be careful, I would follow her to the club about two hours later. Time to meet men and in time to help her if she wanted out of a flirtation. This gave me an erection coming and going. To have hours to imagine her doing the things she had been talking about, then going to see her do them for a while.

      In our fantasies, she would find and flirt with a viral young man who would soon pass her 'gloves in his lap' test. Sitting at the bar now after turning heads walking sensuously all the way there from the front door. The bartender came right to her and smiled. "First ones on me", and waited.

      All this probably too long for this forum. Have fun, be careful.