Thursday, August 2, 2012


Which one does a sissy start with? His wife's pussy or her lover's cock.


  1. Hopefully her wife taught her to be polite to househuests, even those who only visit to fuck your wife. Definitely, the cack gets cleaned first. Them the man can sit back, drink the beer you brought to him, and watch you suck his sperm out of your wife's pussy.

  2. I would suggest "ladies first"... so she could watch her Sissy sucking the guests dick.

  3. i believe it's only appropriate to clean Her Lover first. It's only fair since He is doing sooooo much for you both. Besides, wouldn't it be best to let Her...soak.... this way the sissy's meal is that much more flavorful, and also, letting Her calm before her cleaning is a great way to prolong Her pleasure before the sissy can bring Her off again.
    imho, giggles