Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I love the focus of this picture, her heel on his cock, because if I was sitting across the room from Emily while she teased a guy like this, this is EXACTLY what I would focus on, too.


  1. But I'd be jealous that I'm not the one massaging that love stick. :-(

    Alana Tgirl

  2. Plus, if I'm not mistaken, this photo was taken on the woman's wedding night. And I'd bet dollars to donuts that the man is not the groom, but rather, his best man

  3. I like a good heel-job !
    But picturing the scene with a sissy watching even makes it hotter !
    By the way, I'd never ignore the sissy completely but she could clean up her wife's heels and my cock after I'm done... :-)
    Everyone's a winner !

    1. Mr Fish,

      It was probably high heels first, that drew me to my hot wife of 23 years. She soon found that she could do no wrong at a party or bar if she was wearing come fuck me pumps. My embarrassing fantasies of her wearing seductive outfits and jacking men off overpowered any other thought in my head. We rewarded her exhibtionistic behaviour with tender love and lots of lingerie and gloves. She took over my fetish and used it to femdom me.

      One night before we were marriad she came home and caught me wearing my stockings and girdle, high heeled boots and a push up bra. I had on my gloves and a wet red blowjob lipstick. A man we both knew from work was sitting with his pants around his ankles and his boner completely into my mouth.

      She stayed quiet and neither Don or I knew she was there at first. Her eyes drank in everything she was watching. I suck cock fantasticly. I was stroking and sucking him, my fingers in his hole rubbing him deeply inside with lubrication. I kept stroking his cock with one sweet palm and kissed my way down, over his balls and excitedly to his hole. I slid my slippery gloved fingers out and dived in with hungry French kisses up into his bottom, stroking him faster, but stopping before he could cum.

      That is when my fiancee stepped into the light so that I could see her over Don's shoulder. He did not know she was watching us yet. My sex with him tonight was due to his dropping by to see her and staying to get blowjobs. He had a crush on her from work so I knew I could sort of get his juices going by bringing up hot sexy things about her. She had left a bra on the couch. I picked it up to show him and said that it came from a set. I took him into our bedroom to show him the panties, stockings and garterbelt that came with it. I could tell he was getting turned on by the bulge in his pants. I said, "You should see how gorgeous she looks in this lingerie and these tight shoulder length black leather gloves." I held the gloves up for him to look at.

      He moaned and then startled back to look at me. I had started putting these gloves on as he swayed light headed on his feet. If I moved too soon he would bolt like a rabbit. I stood in front of him and took a small photo album from her lingerie drawer to show him. I was carefull to hook one of her garterbelts in with the book when I handed these things to him. He stood jelly kneed in front of my comfy blowjob chair turning each page very slowly looking at her pictures, fondling her garterbelt with his kisses. I had the gloves all of the way up to my shoulders now and had knelt in front of his boner bulge. I easily toppled him back into the cushy deep chair with his thighs wide apart. When I pulled on his zipper he looked dreamily down and looked very ready for me to gobble his junk. So I did. I was jacking him off with my curved palms and wet red lips when she stepped in.

      She looked down at me and put a finger up to her red lips. She told me later that she had stepped back into the darker room while she looked at my cock slut outfit and the hot blowjob I was giving Don, to get herself more comfortable. She found her boots in the dark, her gloves were in her purse and my favorite lipstick as well. She dressed like this before stepping into my sight and stared me down. She made signs and body language to embarrass me and excite me beyond the point of no return.

      Her eyes commanded me to get up on his lap and slide my hole down over his beautiful erection. She kept me there humping him until he gave up and climaxed loudly for a very long time. Her looks and gestures forced me to keep milking his orgasm with my squeezing butt cheeks until he cried out again and felt the forced orgasmic release of milked sex run through him.

      Love to write,

  4. Thanks for sharing SexandGloves.

    1. Your welcome, Mr Fish and I love to do that, share. I get a lot of enjoyment from writing. I can't tell with certainty if I am conveying my story or just lining up words correctly. I'm prejudiced.

      I started writing with a theme when my wife first began cuckolding me. I would usually go with her, or be at home with her on her first dates. Not always, it was her comfort level and call. If she had fun and wanted to have sex with him again, I usually stayed home and waited for her to come in at 3:30 AM or so. That is when I wrote to certain friends about what she was doing and what I was doing. I used to have reams of lined notebook paper and ball point ink stories of my hot wife's play nights, what lingerie slut outfit she was wearing and what she was doing to him to give him orgasms tonight on her date.

      mmmnmh, I floated on a cloud of sexual pleasure waiting for her to come home and writing down the things she teased me about when she gave me long black satin glovejobs in her high heels. When she wanted to have sex with other men she just rubbed my cock and told me. I was her wingman.

      Do you have sex with certain femmes? How long does it take to drive to Europe?