Thursday, August 16, 2012

Give It Time

Right now, it's the only way you'll let him cum. Do it long enough, and it will the the only way he's able to cum. That's the power of strap-on sex to a sissy or a submissive husband. It totally changes his mindset. No longer will he think of sticking his penis inside you to cum, all he'll desire is that you stick your cock inside him.

Seriously. Give it time. Say six months. Then tell him you want him inside you. He won't be able to cum, he just won't. He'll beg you to stop, he'll beg you to let him stop fucking you, he'll beg you to instead fuck him. Because that's the only way he'll be able to cum.


  1. **giggles**
    is that what's wrong with me? hehehehe

  2. I'll bet you have cute little pink crystal ball hidden somewhere. This is the future, hopefully my future, and you've predicted it perfectly!

  3. It's how it pans out and isn't that what we really what deep down, to be taken?

  4. Sara,

    Thats exactly right, but I think I had changed well within six months!!!!