Monday, August 6, 2012

Not that kind of girl...

"I don't think I'm the kind of girl you and your friends think I am," she said looking me after I tried an awkward pickup line at the urging of my group of friends.

"What...what do you mean," I asked, already feeling intimidated.

"They're watching you seeing if you're going to pick me up and take me home and fuck me."

"" I protested, unaccustomed to a woman talking like this.

"They are...and like I said, I'm not that kind of girl."

"I'm sorry," I mumbled, "I just thought..."

"That I'm in a singles bar so I'm looking for a one night stand with some half drunk lawyer or banker?"

My blush gave me away...and saved me...and doomed me.

She smiled. "You're sweet, I like sweet guys."

"You do," I bit my lip.

"Yea, I like sweet, shy, nervous guys, I like to pick them up, to take them home, tie them to my bed and have them my way."

"Your way?"

She motioned me closer with her finger, closer, until my ear was next to her mouth. "I like to put on a strap on dildo and tease sweet, nervous guys until they beg me to fuck them up the ass."

My eyes went wide, what the fuck???

"Why don't you go tell your buddies you got lucky while I settle up with the bartender, I think you're coming home with me."


  1. Whoa... what a deliciously HAWT and wicked piece of fiction/fantasy. Where the hell was this girl when I was dating????

    Thanks SO much for this one!


  2. Interesting twist on the bar pickup scene. God what'd give to be picked up and and fucked by her!